Vicolo in Italy, means narrow lane, path often only for pedestrians, which usually runs between, buildings in the older parts of towns and cities. Our concept of café Vicolo comes from narrow alley in Italy that has, little café, that people enjoy drinking coffee together as a social event. We do our best to make an ambiance, which makes you feel you are in a café in Italy.

Based on this concept, Vicolo café was opened in February 2015, in roof of Modern-Elahiyeh shopping center.

We offer fine espresso based drinks that are passionately and skillfully handcrafted to order by our experienced baristas.




A good morning starts in Vicolo café. Vicolo offers more than just a good coffee. It is a welcoming location where you can get a start to your day, meet friends or take break while enjoying the perfume of coffee and also fresh and healthy food.


That’s not just a salad, it is just a piece of art that comes true creative, experienced mind.


Main Course

Life up the grill,

Low and slow,

Where there’s smoke there’s flavor!

Handmade Beef Burger

Fine cuisine, dinners & street cultures, that’s what “what’s beef” is about.



 It is made with passion and love


Creppe Bar

Our crepes are easier to make than you think. These

French street-food staples can be dressed up with sweet

or savory toppings and any number of flavorful fillings.




Try our nutella creppe with a flat white.

That’s quiet a delightful evening.





Our Mission

Drinking coffee is a social event, so we do our best to offer only the best quality coffee blends or products which we always serve with a smile.

Our passion is to be a good host, and make you feel comfortable, in Vicolo team we call customers, guests.



Vicolo Cafe

Royal floor,Modern Elahiye,Elahiye st.
weekdays: 9:00 Am – 11:00 PM
Breekfast: 9:00 Am -11:30 AM

Our Team

Our team is passionate and young, full of energy, by the simple purpose of getting great coffee and food to everyone who asks for it with smile. Our amazingly talented team combines warm hospitality, best ingredients and welcoming ambiance to create incredible guest experience and we want you to bring your skills and your passion to join us in our mission.

In Vicolo café you will be working with the kindest, hardest-working team in the business. We believe in team work power



We look forward seeing you soon!

Customer service

We will adjust ourselves to the personality of you dear guest. Our concern is customer service & hospitality.





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